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Download: STL-files for 3D-printed grid holders

described in

Fäßler F*, Zens B*., Hauschild R, Schur FKM
3D printed cell culture grid holders for improved cellular specimen preparation in cryo-electron microscopy
Journal of Structural Biology (2020), 212, 107633,

Download: Context-based classification and consensus alignment scripts for the analysis of pleomorphic retrovirus CA assemblies

described in

Obr M, Ricana CL, Nikulin N, Feathers JR, Klanschnig M, Thader A, Johnson MC, Vogt VM, Schur FKM#, Dick RA#
Structure of the mature Rous sarcoma virus lattice reveals a role for IP6 in the formation of the capsid hexamer
Nature Communications (2021),