Meet the team

Members of the Schur lab – click on the images for more information

Florian Fäßler postdoc (03/2018-02/2023), now group leader at IGMBC, Strasbourg/France
Benedikt Singer master student (02/2022-11/2022), now David Baker lab, University of Washington
Martin Obr postdoc (10/2018-07/2022), now Cryo-ET specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Florian Hofer master student (02/2021-01/2022), now PhD student, Heidelberg University
Georgi Dimchev postdoc (05/2018-10/2021) – now Discovery Scientist at Solgate
Marco Kuslar master student (01/2018-01/2019) – now PhD student, Boku Vienna